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June 15, 2012


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I work at an art center that runs a summer art camp for children. On my first day, one of the teachers I was pretty familiar with happened to have the official art book to Final Fantasy IX brought over for the kids to look at as a reference for cartoon making.

I was practically geeking over it. (LOL XD) I could not put it down and was all like "How come you never told me you HAD this!?" to the teacher. It's been a week now and I memorized it page to page. 'Nuff to say, I wanted one as well. So while I'm searching for the internet to buy one, I memorized and sort of copied the style to FFIX on scrap for practice.

I did this for two reasons.
1: I loved the style, which in my opinion made 9 unique in its own right to the franchise, and wanted to implement a similar cartooning style to my original work in the future. (in case if already don't know, I'm talking about work on this account --> :icondevantthedeviant:)
2: I can try this kind of approach to the comic. Let's see if this pleases you folks. ;)

The comic will be returning to the shading style with a LITTLE coloring here and there until I can get some other volunteer artist to participate in this comic. I only have one artist who's style I've seen in FF9 sequential art and some others maybe presenting soon. But I have to say guys, after reading that book, my art has looked interestingly better with FF9 original art style.

And by the way, they are NOT CHIBIS! I look at them as cartooningly short. :D

Something Awesome and Unexpected Happenedby FinalFantasyIXComic

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Kaysa Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
[link] I have this one :love: useful for reference and very beautiful!
baka-kiiro Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist


THAT IS AWESOME :iconholyshitohmygodplz:

Man that art book, I want it soooo bad! You're so lucky you got to hold an actual copy in your hands and flip through the pages and adlfkajsklfjasdfkjsdfsdfj

im excited to see the next pages of your comic with your touched-up artstyle *__*b
JakkiEN Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012
That's so crazy that the teacher would have the FFIX book! I wish I had it now!!!
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